Lali Gigauri is a Managing Partner at Georgia Holiday, Uniglobe Global Partner and a PhD candidate in Business Administration at the International Black Sea University, research area in tourism marketing. In 2016, she was visiting Texas A&M University Kingsville, USA in the frame of the exchange program. 

Lali Gigauri has 10 years of academic experience, in particular, she teaches various courses at the International Black Sea University in English and Georgian; He has also worked in the field of education management in the directions of international projects and study process administration. She has been involved as an expert in international projects at various times: TEMPUS CASEDE “Development of Student Career Services in Georgia”, Asian Development Bank project “Good Jobs for Inclusive Development”, etc.; She has organized 3 international conferences.

Additionally, Lali Gigauri has been managing a private business since 2017 in the field of inbound tourism at the travel company Georgia Holiday, Uniglobe Global Partner.

Keynote Topic: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Georgia as a Trigger for Experience-Based Tourism Development

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